Here’s Why You Should Have A Personal Website!

Websites are great places to connect with like-minded people, weather you’re interested in politics or technology, science or geography, you’re bound to find like-minded people on the internet, though your site.

Your website could be a gallery of your photography work, a portfolio for the websites you’ve made, a blog filled with every detail about cats, or just a place with a couple of facts about you and your email address.

I personally have a website filled with tech, photography and my political opinions, and I love it. I recommend you install WordPress on your site, which is very easy (and free) to do with cPanel and this tutorial and get building!

The perfect place to host your website is, it’s unlimited and 100% free of charge – with no hidden cost!

Post written by Jacob Sammon in partnership with Find out more about me at

I’ll be writing more posts and tutorials for in the coming weeks.

Here’s Why You Should Have A Personal Website!

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