Why Is Unlimited Web Space Important

When it comes to our daily lives and business lives alike, people don’t want to be limited. We don’t want to be told that we can’t achieve our dreams, or that it’s unlikely we’ll score a promotion in our career.

When it comes to web hosting, we believe that limits online create limitations for both blogs and business. For every website owner in fact! That’s why it’s important when choosing a web hosting provider, that you pick one that does not limit web space (or hard drive space on the server). This is often called “Unlimited Web Space.”

What is Unlimited Web Space?

Unlimited web space means that a client does not have to worry about how many files their website(s) contain(s). A web host that guarantees unlimited web space should not put a limit on the space that all of the files that create an entire website take up. However… some due

“Unlimited” Limitations

Some shady web hosting providers hide some nitty gritty details in their Terms of Service that actually restrict their supposed unlimited hosting. Many employ a limit on the size of files uploaded. This means that although there’s no limits to the amount of storage, they may only allow up to 2MB files to be uploaded. This is just not practical in today’s digital age of HD photography, videos, and large databases.

Other web hosts limit the amount of data that is allowed to be transferred in a given period. For example, an unlimited web host may only allow 1GB of data transfer per month. This is referred to as limited bandwidth. If you want to make an update or addition to your site, but you’ve hit your limit? Oops, too bad.. you have to wait until next month!

A third common option that sneaky web hosts employ is by limiting the size and amount of databases and email accounts. This is problematic when your website becomes large, with more content, users, or authors.

The True Unlimited Web Space Promise

At Unlimited Web Space, we promise to never limit the amount of space you have. We also promise to never restrict the amount of bandwidth you use, email or MySQL databases, or file sizes. We also promise to provide this guarantee at no cost to you!

If you aren’t already member, why don’t you sign up now, and enjoy our 100% Free Unlimited Web Space. Registration is easy & quick! (no DOB or address required)

Why Is Unlimited Web Space Important

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