What Does Unlimited Bandwidth Mean?

When you’re browsing web hosts you will notice a trend. All of the available packages always mention the amount of space, and the amount if bandwidth. As a new website owner you may have no idea how this relates to you, or how much is enough for your needs. As a seasoned web admin, knowing that limited bandwidth means paying extra for your website when you pass limits.

Space Versus Bandwidth

Web space, okay, easy enough to figure out. We all have a hard drive with our computer, and at one point we had to choose how much storage for that! So we have an idea of how many photos, videos, and apps our smart phones and laptops can hold. As we progress technologically with the power of our cameras, graphics and capabilities of our apps, we will take up more and more space. What originated as a 16GB starting model for iPhone is now a 64GB starting point.

Let’s say you settle with a web host with a lousy 10GB web space limit. Okay, that’ll hold a few hundred pics and videos, your web files, and your two databases. Cool.

You start to get popular. This is when your forum really takes a turn. This is also when you find out your host has a limit on email accounts so your free community email idea is scratched. Oh well, no biggie.

Limited Bandwidth

But then, everything takes a halt. Your website now displays an error, asking to contact admin. But you are the admin! You login to your cPanel, and this is where you find.. you hit your bandwidth limit.

You were 100MB below web space, how could this be? Well, the answer is simple. Bandwidth limits how many file transfers you can make as the admin (uploads, downloads, edits, emails, posts), as well as how much file access by visitors (database writes(sign ups, member changes, posts), downloading images, PHP, HTML).

So even if you have three times the amount of bandwidth (30GB), this allows upload of all material once (10GB), making the web pages for each post and a forum (2GB), email accounts (1 GB), databases (1 GB), a wrong sized image/mistake here and there (1 GB). This allows every page, image, video, and post to only be viewed once each. Oops, but the poster of each content has already viewed it just to check.. That leaves us.. 0GB left!

Give us 10-fold the amount (300 GB) and we still only have bandwidth allotment for 27 views per month. We can see the need for an extense amount of bandwidth to rest our anxiety of a down website.

Truly Unlimited Bandwidth

A web hosting provider that touts “truly unlimited bandwidth” stands up to big claims. Always look at the fine print! Some of these guys limit filesize, some limit databases and email bandwidth seperately. Some will give you unlimited bandwidth but then limit the input/output number for files.

If you want a truly unlimited web host, and you don’t want to pay a dime for it, Unlimited Web Space is the place for you. Head over to the front page to choose your free package.

What Does Unlimited Bandwidth Mean?

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