Unlimited Web Space was started in 2021 with a simple goal in mind: offer unlimited shared web hosting without compromising quality. Numerous tests & trials later, and we have accomplished just that.

It’s Simple

Simplicity is the foundation of it all. No overly complicated web hosting plans to choose from. Just Unlimited. Your website is secured on the fastest hard drive technology available: blazing fast SSD drives on high end Intel processors.

We don’t cram thousands of users on one server either. We distribute customers generously amongst our servers so that every website gets its fair share of resources.

We’ll Be Honest

It took a while to settle. After years of testing several data centers, hardware, and software, we have made a promise to you, to never settle on second-best. That’s because you shouldn’t have to either.

Compromising Nothing

When it came to logistics, initially we had a choice: offer cheap run-of-the-mill web hosting for bare minimum prices that beat any others on the market; Or, give top of the line, cutting edge hardware, software, and security available nowhere else to the public sector.

We finally figured it out. With years of researching, creating, and tinkering, we are finally proud to announce that we are able to offer both. Enjoy the fastest, securest, most affordable web hosting available in the world. Welcome to Unlimited Web Space.