Secure Unlimited Web Space

It’s what you deserve, and in 2021–it’s what you need. Security is crucial on the internet. Every day, millions of websites are transferring important, sensitive data between servers, routers, and visitors. It is essential that you host your website on a secure platform.

At Unlimited Web Space, we are dedicated to your security and privacy.

You can be certain that your connection to Unlimited Web Space is secure. We’re so certain of it, we’ve blocked non-HTTPS requests! All information transmitted between you and our servers is always protected with 256-bit encryption.

It’s not just our connection that we want secure; Your customers deserve the same. That’s why all web hosting with us comes with Free Unlimited Wildcard SSL Certificates through Let’s Encrypt — for every website — Domains & Subdomains.

Server-Side Protection

Our servers are kept up-to-date running the latest software on a Linux operating system. All websites receive the security under our around-the-clock DDoS protection. Our servers are housed in secured facilities that are staffed and monitored 24/7.

Unlimited Web Space utilizes Fail2ban to protect your sites from brute force attacks, and blacklist the bad guys. Our web firewall utilizes secure & sensible ModSecurity rules engine to prevent SQL injections, cross-site scripting, session hijacking, and other intrusion attempts.

Our locked-down firewall prevents all server-level attacks, and our premium included antivirus scans your website daily for any malicious files (such as malware), and can automatically snip the code, keeping your website up and secure. Daily backups (full & incremental) are available for all customers to store locally, remotely via FTP or SFTP, or to their own computer.