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If you’ve somehow stumbled on this page, chances are you are at least somewhat familiar with how typical web hosting options look.

Usually there’s at least three options: a beginner, a basic level, and the pro. Web hosting companies will line these up side-by-side comparing resources of one package versus another.

It’s simple that the lesser package will cost less, and also offer less storage for files – also known as webspace. It may even limit the amount of data or traffic that is allowed on your website; This is known as bandwidth.

Webspiels and Bandwhats?

Unless you’re a web developer or webmaster, this language of bandwidth, webspace and inodes aren’t in your every day vocabulary. You may have a general idea of how much 100 MB is based off of photos you’ve saved or maybe video games you’ve downloaded. But relative to a website, how are you possibly supposed to know how much space a website should took?

What if it grows over time with more users and content? Do you even know how space much a core WordPress install takes up after extracted? And then after adding images, posts, pages, links…

I don’t. Even if I did, that number would likely change with the next WordPress update which may be as soon as tomorrow.

Web hosting companies will sneak other things into consideration of that webspace. Does your email storage count toward that space? How about databases? Backups? Log files?

Does your web host limit “inodes”? Does your brain hurt already reading up to this point? I’m sorry, just a little further and I promise it will be worth what I’m sharing.

Bandwidth is another grey-area. A web host may include all persons visiting your website as bandwidth traffic (the amount of images/data the visitors download/upload from your site). It most likely also counts the files that you are personally uploading and editing in your webspace. Unless you create websites perfectly in the first shot with minimal edits, even high amounts of bandwidth are often too limiting.

Why does unlimited web hosting matter?

It’s for the satisfaction of knowing that your website won’t go down overnight, just because it became more successful than your web host anticipated.

At Unlimited Web Space, it’s in the name and it’s in our promise to you. We will never limit your space, bandwidth, or success.

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